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Karin makes a convincing case that in education, one size does not fit all. She shares her inspiration for creating a learning environment that promotes education as a joyful journey, and allows each child to experience education in their own individual way.

IMS is a non-profit, non-denominational international school, providing a challenging academic curriculum in a beautiful, dual-language (English/Putonghua) learning environment.  We consciously strive to maintain and celebrate diversity in our community and admit students of any nationality, religious belief, and ethnic heritage.

For 12 years IMS has been pioneering Montessori education in Asia. As a member of the International Montessori Council (IMC), IMS is the only accredited Montessori Primary School in Greater China and one of the largest Montessori schools in the world.

An IMS education makes a difference in the life and development of a child. IMS is committed to educating each child as a whole person, and our students are part of a vibrant, engaged global community of learners and educators.

Come see for yourselves, it so clearly is
… A Natural Way to Learn

News & Updates

May 26, 2014
IMS students recognized at the 65th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
We are pleased to announce that IMS Primary students achieved excellent results in the 65th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. IMS had 60 participants in this year’s English Solo Verse Speaking and 33 participants in the Chinese Solo Verse Speaking. Among the 93 participants, 11 received Proficiency certificates. In English Solo Verse Speaking, two children […][read more...]

May 2, 2014
Enroll Now: IMS Summer Fun Program 2014
Tailored for children aged 3-9, each 2-week theme-based program is a unique opportunity for children to experience learning through the multi-sensory and interactive environment that is typical of Montessori. Each Summer Fun session is conducted in a relaxing and fun way, with either English or Mandarin as the medium. Children will acquire knowledge and confidence […][read more...]